To the Lights Around the World

When you squint your eyes at the sun or a light bulb, you will see magnificent rays of light shining in so many directions. Every human being, animal, and plant has a heart that shines exactly the same way. For some people, you can feel their inner light emitting through their surface or their eyes. For others, you have to dig deep into their words and actions to be able to catch a glimpse of it. Yet, it is still there in everybody, no matter how bright it is in some, and dim in others. EVERYBODY was born with a heart that shines like the sun; however, as we age, some of us have allowed our hearts to grow dark from negative experiences or negative teachings. Some of us either fear to reveal our inner light, or have allowed it to be covered up by the work of flies.

In first part of 2012, your goal is to either switch your heart's light bulb to a higher wattage so its brilliant light shines on all those around you, or simply work hard to clean up all the black marks left on it by the insects that have been covering it up and leeching from it. Because in the 3rd part of 2012, we will need all your hearts to light up the world collectively as one -- and all lamps to lead the way. If the man next to you has no light, be like a candle and give him some of yours. This is what ILLUMINATION is truly about -- spreading LIGHT across entire nations. Knowledge is light, and in light you will find truth. -- Suzy Kassem