The Sun Cures Almost Everything


If you know of somebody who has cancer, bacterial infections, skin conditions, vision problems, mental issues, or fatigue, put them out in the sun. If they have vision problems, have them look into the sun for a few minutes a day -- until all they see is RED. If they have cancer, position them right where the sun's breath is the hottest. Let them sweat it out, and at the same time, the sun's rays will slowly regenerate cells. If you are tired or depressed, the sun works as a natural battery to pump you up again -- the same way a flower gets aroused under its light. Put away your sun lotions because they will get you cancer quicker than without it. And instead, if you burn easily, just use raw coconut oil and limit your sun exposure. If everybody listened to this advice, then we wouldn't need doctors as much, and the entire healthcare industry would be demanding government bailouts just like the banks. The sun is the Creator's ultimate gift to our health and happiness. Use it. We need it as much as the flowers do. After all, we are the flowers that make up the Creator's vast and beautiful garden.-- Suzy Kassem

* The purpose of radiation in cancer treatment is to imitate the effects of the sun - artificially. Yet mechanical radiation is harmful and quickly destroys your immune system instead of quickly regenerating it. So you may be asking, why is it used then? One is a cash machine, while the other is FREE. Does it really make sense to cure anything by standing in front of a heavy-duty microwave? The truth is, you cannot artificially mimic the benefits of the sun, the same way you cannot artificially mimic the benefits of natural breast milk.