Evolution of the Heart

I lost faith in God over 10 years ago when my sister died. But at the same time, my mother started becoming more religious...

I always dabbled with stones and crystals since I was a youngster, and still do. And you can say I was a heavy runner in the "new age movement". I was preaching the 7 Harmonic principles in my own words over 11 years ago-- without knowing their origin or that they were also called the Secrets of Thoth -- or the Hermetic Principles. It wasn't until 2007 when a kid hit me up on Myspace after I did a sequence of posts on the subject, when he told me that what I knew and shared from my heart already had a name. My true tag name is BLUE PANTHER 777 or BLUE ONE. And when I had to write quickly, I simply used 777. That number was always my favorite number, I scribbled it repetitively as child, and made it my name in 1998 when my sister died. People ask me frequently, what does 777 mean? It is my name and it is also the number for truth. My eyes follow the 7s because the 7s are the signs for me.

Yet, 7 is also the number for the Creator. And though I abandoned him for awhile, he was unavoidable -- because I scribbled his name three times over every time I wrote 777. And then, I realized I only remembered him when I was confronted by the imaginable, but he still always came through for me. And though I know I'm a true metaphysician with a lot of light in my heart, I started to notice something inside me cringe whenever I heard other spiritualists talk about removing GOD, dismantling "religion"and replacing him with just universal love. In my heart, I felt something was terribly wrong each time. But since my faith wasn't strong anymore, I didn't understand why it bothered me so much. I believed in oneness too, but deep down I knew we needed religious words to save us from those weird celestial things that always popped in and out of my life. Nothing else worked on them. So, if we abandoned GOD, I knew right away that humanity would be crippled, and one day we would become slaves to whatever those stronger beings were.

Then I noticed, that while I've been preaching all my truths and madness for FREE for YEARS, other people were making mad money turning "truths" over for profit. I truly didn't understand why people would charge others for helping them. To me, it was like charging people for water!

Then over time, I realized I was not like the other spiritualists because I poured freely and continuously, I never measured my time by the dime. I wanted to help everyone and the world anyway I could, and as fast as I could. I wasn't going to book a hall for a seminar then wait for a date to arrive. That was too long to wait for me! At the same time, I talk to everybody – even homeless people. I do not measure help by what someone can give me! A shrink is already a nut, and a person who wants money to help ANYBODY – especially awaken humanity – is a FRAUD. If your heart was truly activated and filled with love and truth, wouldn't you want to help people without taking something in return? Do you think Jesus, Buddha, or Mohammed charged people by the hour to guide people? OF COURSE NOT! To those that tell me they have to make a living somehow, go pick tomatoes or waitress somewhere, but NEVER charge ANYONE for guidance and sharing the knowledge you know. There is NO excuse! And again, those that take money for sharing TRUTHS, will never, ever know TRUTH. That is a true rule. Remember it. It is the quickest way to sniff a fraud.

If you remember my posts, I always say unite all faiths as ONE, but I NEVER, EVER, EVER say abandon your faiths. Explore other faiths, swap your faiths, merge as one, unite all religions and colors, but NEVER, EVER, EVER abandon the Creator. A lot of these fraudulent new age businessman posing as “awakeners” want us to do so intentionally. Yes, universal love is the answer, and yes, loving every man and amplifying LOVE is the answer, but without our love for HIM/IT, we will all still fall. If I didn't see the things I did, I may have agreed with many of the other spiritualist. But I guarantee you 99% of them only read about the things I have truly encountered and the places I've really been – and they repeat only what they have heard or read. Truth is not seen by the mind, only through the heart. Those who try to look for truth through the mind before the heart will NEVER see truths. I repeat these words a lot for a reason. They are the words from my own heart. I am not perfect, and I know that I am flawed. But I will speak up and stand up for TRUTH whenever I can and however I can.

ALL of YOU have truths also in your heart, but many of you don't bother tapping into them. There IS a higher power way larger than many of the evil things I see because I have seen them fear IT/HIM. And though we live in a universe inhabited by so many different species the majority has yet to discover, we are also ONE with them too. They are also creations of the Creator, and many have fallen to evil. I ask many of you to return to your holy books and decode the puzzles within them. They are filled with symbols, analogies, and CODES for YOUR HEART to decipher. Do not read each page like a shaikh or priest, read them like you are half poet and half Sherlock Holmes. But most importantly, try hard to decode the lines with your heart.

ALL RELIGIONS are under attack right now – for a reason. Anybody with faith is an enemy and has a weapon that can destroy a dark force of any kind in a quick second. Only by witnessing this myself, have I become a firm believer. This is why they are turning religious men against each other. Any religion that acknowledges the one and only Creator is going to experience one type of genocide or another. Remember these words. They make us believe that we are in a religious war, but in truth it is those who are calling the wars that want to eliminate ALL RELIGIONS. Again, stand by each other and never tremble. Stand up for what is right and let your heart be your weapon. Stand up for truth regardless of who steps on it. Knowledge truly is power. Arm your hearts with knowledge, and your faith will never allow you to falter.

Faith is the flame that eliminates fear. 

– Suzy Kassem