The Sacred Secret of Love

All year, I've heard about relationship issues from many of my friends (male and female). Many of them still haven't found LOVE...and they are all very worried they never will.

The first rule is, you never go looking for love. Love will find YOU when you are ready. And when you are ready, many of you will not recognize LOVE when she really does come. WHY? Because many of you think that just because a woman is beautiful, her heart is. And just because a man is rich, his heart is too. If you are drawn to a man or women because of how they look, what they have in their pockets, what they drive, what they are only getting yourself further and further away from finding true love.

One friend, fell in love and married a beautiful woman, but she treats him very bad and only cares about spending money. If he married her for her heart, instead of her looks, he would not be so miserable. A person with a beautiful heart would not care about attaining material wealth, for they already know true love already makes them the wealthiest person alive. Another friend, married a man because of his profession and salary, and he works so much and disappears for weeks at a time, she now realizes he was already married to his job.

This is the sacred secret of love. Love a person for their heart and only their heart, and you will be rewarded with the BEST unconditional love in return. Ignore the heart, and Love will ignore you. Love a person for only the beauty found in their heart, and that beautiful heart will always be beautiful to you. -- Suzy Kassem