Your Fellow Man

There are people who look at the "NEW AGE" movement as some kind of hippie movement that strays away from the teachings of God. This is a very false perception. In fact, it is the new age movement that is responsible for the green movement, the health-conscious movement, and even the TRUTH MOVEMENT. How so?

The New Age children are the universal rainbow children that see the world with multi-dimensional vision. These people come from ALL RELIGIONS and cultures, and they see themselves as WORLD CITIZENS vs. followers of old beliefs. Instead of viewing the world based on just one teaching or school of thought, they look at the world through a rainbow kaleidoscope that beams from their hearts. Language changes with time, so do trends, values, social perspectives...and so do the rules and limitations imposed upon us over time. Instead of saying "YOU ARE RIGHT" or "my way is RIGHT", the new age child will say, "WE ALL ARE". The new age child will not argue for the sake of arguing for he/she understands that regardless of your religion or viewpoints -- WE ARE ALL ONE.

Without the new age movement, we will not evolve. We will continue to stay divided. We will not change and will always remain stuck within the limitations our society, governments, and corrupt leaders with hidden agendas have built between us. Those that shun this "NEW AGE MOVEMENT" as they call it, are old schoolers with closed minds and hearts. They call themselves children of God but do not understand the words they read and recite. If God had to choose between a Christian who recites the Bible but believes his way is the only way -- and the New Age Buddhist who believes LOVE IS ALL and WE ARE ALL LOVE, I guarantee you all that God will choose the one with love in his heart vs. the man who limits his love only for his kind. You will be asked one day, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR YOUR FELLOW MAN? I will say, "I tried to teach them that their hearts are their temples...and to love ALL without limits." -- SUZY KASSEM