One Day Soon

One day soon, I will adopt 7 male children:

One will be Muslim. One will be Hindu. One will be Jewish. One will be Christian. One will be Sikh. One will be Buddhist. And one will be Catholic.

When they enter grade school, I am going to send the Muslim kid to Hebrew Academy, the Jewish kid will be sent to Islamic school, the Christian will be sent to school in India, the Hindu will be sent to Catholic school, and the Sikh will go to Bible school...

Then, when they reach 11, I will tell the truth to the Jew and tell him he was really Muslim, and tell the Muslim he was really Jew, and tell the Hindu he was really Catholic, and tell the Sikh that he was really Christian...and so on. After that, I will send them all to an international school in Switzerland - together.

As each one turns 21, I will ask each son, "What religion do you want to be?" And if they choose one over the other, or degrade one religion simply because one does not get along with one of his brothers, I will send the negative one to a Buddhist monastery in Tibet until he learns to choose the universal heart over one specific religion.

I want my future children to have rainbow vision. But most importantly, I want them to be compassionate citizens of the world, warriors of Light, and vocal soldiers for Truth. They will be trained and tested to become great leaders, and super brilliant lamps that will guide the future world towards true peace -- using their own genuine experiences. -- Suzy Kassem