Messages from Friends Who Died

I had a friend who wanted to change the world.

His name was Dan, and he drank so much just to numb his sensitivities to the cruelties happening in our world. He kept telling me, "Tomorrow I will do this and make the world better." But he never did. And even though his intentions were good and I ...felt his heart was in the right place, he treated his mother who had Alzheimer's badly, because when he was younger -- she treated him badly. And at 23, Dan died in a car accident.

Shortly after his death, I started to feel weird energies on my pillow every night. I got so scared, I couldn't sleep! By that time, I had already lost 4 people very close to me. I did not know WHO or what it was. So I went to see a woman in Ann Arbor, Michigan who claimed she could communicate with the dead.

This woman was a scrawny anorexic piece of work. Her hair was bleached to the scalp. Her face looked super frail, and her scattered movements were similar to someone on crystal meth. She was a nun who left the church years ago to elope with her high school the story went.

She had me sit at the foot of a table and asked me if I had brought any of the items that once belonged to those close to me -- as I was told to do. I showed her my sister's CD player, Dan's "Dinosaur Jr" t-shirt, a bracelet another friend made for me before took her life, and a punk rock tape another friend left behind one day in my car (she OD'ed). I pushed all these items in front of the lady and waited.

She put her hands over the items and played with their energies until suddenly she began shaking uncontrollably in her seat (like in the movies). Then she started crying and crying and crying. The tears just flowed out her like two rivers. Then amidst all her tears, she started spitting out what sounded like fragmented sounds at first, "Doot, Doot...Doot -- doot doot, --- Doot Doot..." followed by "Now in my younger days I used to sport a shag...when I went to school I carried lunch in a bag..."

This cracked out old lady was singing my favorite song by a hip-hop group called The Pharcyde! My friend, who had given me the bracelet, used to blare it out loudly from her car and we'd sing along with it as we drove around late at night...This was OUR song.

That friend took her life one night in Cleveland when I was away in Egypt. I could tell it was her just by the way the woman was singing the song! The girl was crying uncontrollably and kept saying she was sorry over and over again. She said she was stuck now and could not leave. She kept saying she had made a mistake and for me to keep praying for her so she could move on...Her words became muffled as she sobbed uncontrollably through her waterfall of tears!

Then suddenly the women started shaking again and the voice rapidly changed. I heard, "Suzzzzzy! Thank you for coming, dude! Thank you! Thank youuuuu! Oh my GAWWWWD!! Thank you!" The voice sounded like it was in agony. Then it said, "Suzy! Please tell my mother I love her. I love her so much! Please ask her to forgive me for the way I was to her...PLEAAAAAAAASE!!! You have got to! It's important that she forgives me! Suzy, she is the only one who can save me! AWWWWGH ZZZZZ."

The sounds shifted from clear to static often and I felt like I was trying to adjust the signal to a radio. I could see the woman struggling to control all the frequencies beaming through her. It was then when I understood why she looked so frail and weak. After about another 10 minutes of total distortion, her head dropped on the table exhausted -- and her aide told me to collect my things so she could rest. I returned 3 more times to communicate with my sister, and to bring Dan's mother with me to speak to him. I had also sent some of my mom's friends to go see her, but until now, nobody knows what happened to that lady. One day, the woman suddenly disappeared.

I share this story to show people that those who take their own lives regret it and suffer deeply for cheating death - in the end. And a mother's heart can either save you or destroy you from the heavens and hells of the afterlife - even if your heart was good to everybody else. This woman I visited, was not a fraud. She told me things in my other visits to her that nobody else would even know - except those who were channeled through her.

I wrote a section in my book just based on the most important lesson I gained from frequenting her. Never give in to your temporarily moods for they will eventually pass over just like the clouds do in the sky. The clouds ALWAYS make way for the sun. Never cheat death or it will slap you with a sentence of misery for the defeat. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. And, we never know when we are going to go. Always be good to your mother.

After my first visit to this lady, the movements on my pillow at night had finally STOPPED. I could finally go to sleep in peace. -- Suzy Kassem