Like the Heart of an Animal

Animal Telepathy & the 7th Sense

You may have wondered at one time or another -- how your cat, or someone else's cat, KNEW you were sad, hurt, or even contemplating suicide. When you were sad and blue, your pet instinctively came up to you and transmitted an indescribable sensation of unconditional love. You may have also wondered how ...your dog or cat knew days before it accidentally died, to give you a final goodbye. You may have wondered too, why the sheep in the barnyard were crying so loudly -- the night before they were due to be slaughtered. Or how about, hippos fleeing from their location at the arrival of men with guns and loud radios -- over 5 miles away.

All animals operate on a higher frequency than we do, and animals are more capable of surrendering to unconditional love than humans. All animals have the 7th sense. However, some are "defective" just as we have "defective" folk on this plane, but most are highly perceptive. And if you already operate on a high frequency, then you can telepathically communicate with them -- the same way I can communicate to falcons and owls. If your heart is open and vibrates loudly, animals can tap into your vibrations. Ask them any question, and they will answer -- if you are willing to accept this TRUTH. If they know your heart is pure and calm, they will love being around you - without any kind of training. What I can do with birds, YOU can too. How so?

Activate your multi-dimensional self and automatically you will be able to tap into transdimensional frequencies. Your heart is the key to opening portals within portals within the universe -- and in gaining unconditional friendships with wild animals. If you should come across some deer with their babies in the woods, and you must pass by them to cross over to the other side -- if the deer run away, your heart is not yet pure. However, if the deer allow you to pass by them while still standing very close to you with their babies, then your heart is as white as God's light. - Suzy Kassem