For Future World Citizens


So, yesterday I went to go look at a gigantic piece of property situated on a high hill in Boston. It is roughly 60,000+ sq feet and they are asking $11 million for it.

It used to be a replica of China's Forbidden City in the 80s and now it's empty. Nobody has had the money to buy it or rent it out since it shutdown due to bankruptcy. It is shaped like a humongous Buddhist monastery for giants, and would require a lot of work just to restore and renovate it. I want to buy it and turn it into a school for young world citizens, to cultivate and nurture the future decision-makers and policymakers around the globe. I believe to foster compassionate world leaders, they must wise well-rounded intellectuals with an active conscience, and have a deep understanding of other cultures, languages, and religions. But first and foremost, they must be spiritually grounded, in tune with the universe, and understand how every decision they make not only has an impact on their nations -- but on the world at large. I want to develop universal soldiers for Truth to instill and preserve harmony around the world. This is my ultimate dream.

The location is PERFECT (in the mecca of academia - BOSTON). I already know what I want to do with the space. I want all the exterior walls to be made of impenetrable crystalline to allow as much light in as possible. It will be an international boarding school for children of all faiths and backgrounds. I want to import British, French, and Japanese teachers to teach WORLD RELIGIONS, SOUND THEORY, THE PRINCIPLES OF HARMONY, MANY LANGUAGES, MEDIA, ART, NATURE, WISDOM, ANTHROPOLOGY, POLITICAL SCIENCE, DIFFERENT CULTURES, MUSIC, PHILOSOPHY, and most of all...WORLD UNITY. I also want to create alliances with all the Ivy League schools in Boston, including Stanford and Yale -- even Julliard, INSEAD, RISD, Cambridge, Oxford, London School of Economics...and more. I want to create A-Class humanitarians with a compassionate, multi-dimensional, international perspective. They will be well-trained social scientists no matter what career field they wish to pursue for college. Every graduate from the school will have traveled to at least 11 countries and speak at least three languages before they are released into the world. Even if you do not have the money to send your child to my school, they can easily get in through scholarships and sponsors -- only if they pass Suzy's test of the heart. 

The school can house thousands of students and this is my heart's dream. It would be the only thing that could make me happy. And though it could take me years just to collect all the financing needed, organize, recruit, hire, and BUILD, this is my life's ultimate mission. A heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers. If I don't get that location, it only means that I was meant to build one from scratch.   -- Suzy Kassem