Children of the Sun and Stars

Pay close attention to the movements of the sun. When the sun flares, we can use this energy to do very good things while it is climaxing. However, there is a party that walks amongst us that is using this energy to do bad things. The sun is, and will always be, our ultimate energy source. The magnetic field that surrounds our earth branches outward toward the sun - like a bridge - in the form of an angel (see image below).

What happens with the sun has an impact on the earth, and what happens on earth has impact on the sun. There are people that closely watch the sun's movements so they can tamper with its powerful energy. This energy field is part of our life force. If it is toyed with, it can affect the energy between us, our soil, oceans, and animals. It is a myth that the sun is simply a planet that lights up the world. It is way more than that. Without the sun, we would all die. It is the battery of life, and if someone plays with this giant battery, they can manipulate the circuitry of everything that breathes - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Rise up and salute the sun! It is what feeds us, gives us vision, and truly unites us as one! -- Suzy Kassem

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