Where is Atlantis by Suzy Kassem

Plato was right when he said Atlantis existed at the foot of the Pillars of Hercules, but people are looking further from where it really is. In Alexandria, there is a place called the Pillar of Pompei. Where the pillar stands now, is where two older pillars once stood as the true Pillars of Hercules. The two Sphinxes parked at the foot of the pillar, point in the direction of the original Atlantis. I put my name on it. Atlantis stretched across the Mediterranean (The Great Green / Tongue of Thoth) - starting from the tip of Alexandria to Sidon and all the way around to Greece and the Bes region of Spain, then to the foot of the highest peak of the Atlas Mountains to Carthage - with additional smaller colonies in colder waters around Babylon, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, JAPAN, and in that area that spans from the Atlantic to the Bermuda Triangle and the Gulf of Mexico.

The Atlanteans were the water-based healers, builders and merchants -- and with their help, they were able to guide the Children of Light (Sun) when they came down on this earth. They helped them fertilize their lands, taught them how to build, and exposed them to new regions for trade. It was the synergistic collaboration between water and light that helped establish one of the most prosperous civilizations known to man - the CIVILIZATION OF LIGHT.

The Atlanteans were about planting their technology as far and wide as possible to stabilize the planet. When they say that the Atlanteans had a military to CONQUER, this also is not true. They had no military, only fleets of sea traders and builders. They created underwater stations across the globe to plant their crystal "antennas" in the sand. This is why traces of their colonies can be found underwater all over the world. To assume they are totally gone because their previous "domes" were wiped out - is ignorance. The first Atlaneans were wiped out, but when the Creator initiated the Civilization of Light that came after the fall of Atlantis, those few Atlanteans that had managed to stay true to God, were given another life in the new world to help guide the Egyptians and teach them about the mistakes that were made in the age before them.

If you study Greek mythology, there are more truths in it than fiction. The sirens were Atlanteans. The Greek-Egyptian-Italian relationship was created through the Atlanteans. It was them who opened relations between all of them. And because they traveled far and wide, they transferred and traded supplies, ideas and their technology.

The Atlanteans came from inside the earth's black sun, while the first Egyptians (children of Light)came from within the Sun and surrounding stars. The Atlantis of today still exists in Japan, the Mediterranean, the south seas, the Caribbean, including the GULF OF MEXICO, the Indus region -- and around Myanmar. The beings of water exist in the steepest depths our oceans and seas. The deeper you go underwater, the colder it gets. And the colder certain minerals get (at below zero temperatures), rock turns to LIGHT. If you take certain substances and put them into that environment, they twist and turn like fluid - like plastic does in heat. In their malleable form, these beings blend with the water. This is another reason we cannot see them -- and why they can only exist in saltwater. The salt activates their electromagnetic properties which camouflages them in the water.

The Atlanteans were once the most harmonic beings throughout the universe -- and they existed way before the man of light or the man of dust descended on this earth. If it weren't for them, the event in Japan would have been way more catastrophic than it was -- and the world wouldn't be maneuvering seamlessly through the transition without their work. If you look out into the ocean late at night, and see a green neon line dart across the waters so fast - almost like a Xerox machine...you just saw one. They are easier to see when its dark -- without the reflection of the sun to conceal them.

The oil spill events off the Gulf of Mexico hurt them bad. And the radioactive poisons seeping into the waters from Japan to the west coast is suffocating them. Many of them are dying and are unable to continue their work. WE are responsible for their destruction as we were when we toyed with their technology thousands of years ago -- and destroyed the Light Age. They cannot steer us safely away from havoc during the transition, if we keep playing with the energies around the grid. We are bouncing beams up into the universe and having them land onto targeted areas we wish to cripple (HAARP). Nobody stops to think about the disturbances our beams are doing to the universe and other lifeforms out there. For a beam to be bounced...it must hit somewhere for it to reflect back. Think about this. - Suzy Kassem (04.01.2011)

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