Understand CONSENT

This is the most important information to be shared with you ever. Please seriously reflect over these words carefully, and be more aware of your actions (and passive silence).

I know that one of the cosmic laws of the universe is based on PERMISSION. Meaning, nobody can enter your house or step on your land/planet without PERMISSION. Even evil abides by this rule, and you can find this reoccurring theme in books, our war history, and scary movies. Remember, there is at least one truth to every myth. Even Dracula needs your permission to enter your house. This principle is even engraved into our laws. It is called CONSENT. Even EVIL needs consent.

So, essentially, for every bad thing that happens on our planet -- one of us, or a group of us - invites it to happen. Granting "permission" could be one smile, one thought, or doing nothing and allowing something bad to happen - while knowing it is not right. Also, by getting excited about gore and death, we encourage it to go on. Every time you pay for a movie ticket to see a horror or blood thriller, you give a nod for the real kind to actually continue. Partake in Halloween, and you approve the satanists to walk the earth. CONSENT. There are many crafty ways of getting your consent without you even being aware. In today's world, it is called "the media" and "creative marketing".

All around us, we have all these crazy signs and statues that tell us bad stuff is going to happen, and we have all these satanic symbols and idols planted in the middle of our cities across the globe...and we brush them off. Just by allowing them, we approve evil to exist amongst us. It's a tricky way for approval, but it qualifies as PERMISSION! -- Suzy Kassem