The Rainbow Generation

If you should ever judge a man, judge him only for his HEART and only his heart. Never judge a person based on his skin or religion, only his heart.

There are tons of multicultural kids popping up from mixed cultures/religions relationships all over the world. The world is becoming more integrated, more diverse, more colorized than ever before. It is not odd to find a beautiful baby of Indonesian, Cherokee, French, and Russian bloodlines being produced in your corner of the world. That baby boy is part Catholic, Jewish and half Sikh. And when he grows up, his parents are going let him choose whatever religion he wants to be -- regardless if its not one of their own.

SO...on the global platform...what religion do you think that rainbow kid is going to choose after observing all the activity happening on the world's stage?

Would it be wrong then, to predict that when asked what his religion is, the young MAN will simply reply, "MY HEART." -- Suzy Kassem