How to Find Truth


Study every video you see like a movie director. Study each picture or photo like a designer or editor. Study each word you read and hear like God or a lie detector. And dissect each story you hear from every angle like a homicide inspector. Then amplify what you know like a truth reflector. And always remember, Truth is the number one disinfectant. It is the only way to shed light on twisted false perceptions. Do your own investigations and share all your revelations. This how we will spread light across every city and nation. This is what is called TRUE illumination...spreading TRUTH through all our actions, words, and relations. Examine all channels before you get stuck on the same station. Or when the power goes out and everyone is running about, you'll still be seating there alone waiting. - Suzy Kassem

"How to Find Truth" by Suzy Kassem. Copyright 2011, All rights reserved.