Stranger Than Fiction

I think it is very strange how last year we saw the most nuclear trading we've seen in 20 years - all in one year. Then Al Baradei, the guy who added fire to the Egyptian revolution (and came out of nowhere) also happened to be the head of the INTERNATIONAL Atomic Energy Agency...and now the future of atomic energy is suddenly on the line.

With all these UFO sightings all over the place, I think the whole universe knows something we don't -- that mankind's time on earth is limited. Everyone is eyeballing the future of Egypt because it will be the mecca again for solar energy. It is the most perfect LOCATION (perfect positioning) for absorbing the full potential of the SUN. The keyword for 2011: ATOMIC ENERGY. Our planet has a plan of its own and a transition it must complete. Natural disasters will continue to happen, and human manipulation will only accelerate them. A lesson must be gained from Japan: our planet's surface is slam-packed with nuclear plants. These are bound to interfere with our planet's natural design and cycle. All nuclear plants must be removed immediately to prevent another disaster - 7X greater than Japan. One will happen, and the world will watch an entire continent sink before their eyes. This is in the cards. Let us pray it will not be yours. -- Suzy Kassem