I Dream in Chrystalline

If you take a crystal that has interacted with your aura....and put a lighter to it, you will get burned before 7 days are up. This "burning" could be a very bad fight, a firing, breakup...something very bad. The last time I burned a crystal, my family's house burned down the next day. It got struck hard with lightning. I was born a super curious kid so I was always doing things I couldn't explain to anybody. I was trying to re-affirm a previous experiment -- with a larger crystal. This is TRUTH.

The meaning behind this is simple. For every negation action, there is a negative reaction. Crystals hold and bounce back energies. Our world is one big crystal and we all have crystalline fragments in our hearts and minds -- so look at the bigger picture here. If I put love into a crystal and put it in my plant, it reverses the wilting of the leaves. My neglected plant all of a sudden turns bright green and sticks up in the air aroused. This is fact. Now, think about the globe and the people in it. Think about how your little actions bounce off of everyone you interact with -- and the earth beneath your feet. Never take an action for granted. We are all connected. With all the chaos going on everywhere right now, we are in a universal state of emergency. SK 777