Children of the Stars

There are many people on earth today that have had contact with celestial life in their childhood. I can tell who these people are today -- by their tones, movements, information, and images. They have heightened sensitivities, suffer from chronic insomnia, have hyper-observant intuition, can manipulate energies and vibrations, and possess super strong abnormal auras. Many of these people die early because they cannot contain their energies. Their connections with celestial life could have been a one occurrence thing -- or several events that lasted throughout their youth. These people grow up mission-driven, and do not have the normal "desires" like others around them, nor do they actively take part in the rat race or hamster world. Instead, they grow to become servants to humanity -- to amplify LIGHT, Truth, and knowledge. The information contained within them is not their own, nor do they fit into the standard mold of society. These people are also here to let others know that there are good forces in the universe -- and that not all is bad...and to serve as living proof to others that claim otherwise. I am one of these people. My memory holds information that goes back to the beginning of Time. This is my Truth. -- Suzy Kassem