Build Obelisks in Japan and Across the World!

If we can get huge solid obelisks made of limestone to Japan as soon as possible, we can counter the radiation. I understand everything now. This is what obelisks were originally used for.

As long as salt moves, its liquid form will accelerate negative reactions (moving saltwater makes the situation worse). So salt that is SOLID will produce a positive reaction by cutting through the radiation. I'm not a scientist or anything, but this is what my heart tells me. Ideally, we want huge salt towers. But, how do we protect the salt from melting or dissolving and becoming liquidized (negative)? This is why we use LIMESTONE. Limestone turns to SALT whenever it comes in contact with any harmful particles or waves in the air.

We need to tell the Japanese to start building solid towers of LIMESTONE. The salt will eat the radiation. I'm sure of this. We need to start building salt towers around the world. They must be constructed of LIMESTONE with a pointed top. The higher it is, the more it cuts through negative particles. These WILL work as purifiers to clean the surrounding air. - Suzy Kassem (3/15/2011)

Build obelisks in your backyards as high as you can...and you can clear the air for your whole neighborhood. Build them at the center of your cities -- with the help of everyone in your city, and you will protect your city from radiation and unwanted particles. This is how Egyptians maintained synergy and a bustling economy - they kept building...TOGETHER.

Japan has God watching over her. The evidence is already there. The country is already super rich with LIMESTONE.

MARCH 15th 2011