The Many Reflections of Truth

Remember this, and remember this well: when someone is telling the TRUTH and exposing information that is meant to be hidden from the masses, the side that is being attacked and accused will use all their resources and associations to try to discredit and discount the professional merit or moral character of the person revealing the threatening information. They will do everything to cripple that person and make them appear smaller than they really are. Look at Jesus and Moses! Look at Gandhi and Martin Luther King! Study your history! Study Bush and Saddam and 9-11! Study Court TV! ALWAYS study all perspectives. Always remember that there is always one TRUTH -- and many exaggerations and lies to every story no matter where it's being sourced. There are many panels and reflections to every crystal just as there's more than one angle to every story and to every man. Just as you would conduct a SWOT analysis for your business, do one for every story you hear. Only when you reach out for Truth will you find Her -- she will not come to you sitting in front of a TV or behind a newspaper. -- Suzy Kassem