The Sun is My Lover

Out of all the cities in the world, I create and write best in Alexandria, Egypt.

Even though it's as cold as the south pole where I'm at now near the water, I still sit on my balcony and stay up until 2 hours after sunrise to watch the sun come up. Why? Because somehow I feel the greatest surge of energy about half an hour before the sun comes up until it is UP. Everything I write comes from those moments of staring up at the sun. Thoughts come to me in streams and scream for me to share them with others. And if they are too complicated for me, and I ignore them, then nothing comes to me for days. And when I was in the States and had no balcony where I could gaze up at the sun, I stopped writing anything new.

Now, what if I told you the sun tells me what to write? He is my lover who is also my father. He who symbolizes LIGHT.