The Sun is My Heart's Temple

Would you believe me if I told you that all answers of the universe are contained in the sun? Look up into it as it rises over the horizon -- and as it awakens, so will you. This is the quickest route to illumination. Study the solar flares, and you will see a correlation in the movements of our environments and shifts in humanity. T...he sun is our greatest power source and it arouses all people the same way as it arouses plants and animals. Put down your sunscreen and look into the sun. Every time you hear about abnormal sun activity, look around and see what changed on earth. THE SUN IS EVERYTHING. Our ancestors have been trying to convey the secret of the sun's energy across different civilizations and cultures. Some people can read the sun just as one could read tea leaves in a cup. The sun is not only vital for our growth, our vision, our health, and our crops -- but it OPENS UP OUR MINDS and makes us remember where we came from and why.

I realized that, I wasn't able to write anything in the States because I couldn't see the sunrise from where I sat near my window. In Egypt, I watch the sun rise every morning from my balconies, and from its energy, words flow out of me like water gushing out of a running faucet. The sun gives me energy and inspiration. I have to look into it every morning, and if I miss it, I can't write a thing. I owe all my writing to the sun. For without it, there would be no light in anything I write. - Suzy Kassem (12/22/10)