The Light of Love Sees No Walls

Understand CAUSE and EFFECT because it may save your soul.

For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction, and no thought or action goes unnoticed throughout the universe. We have seen the effects of an oil spill, the results of a hurricane, and the reactions of hate and love. It is time for everyone to act using their hearts. It is time for people to think and speak through their CONSCIENCE!

LOVE is the true universal language because it is understood through the heart. And all hearts grieve, love, and share similar desires, fears, and dreams. The pulse of man is one and the same. We have to eliminate the exceptions and misconceptions -- and immoral measurements. Every soul on earth is equally precious - even those of plants and animals. If you see love in one area, and not another - you are not reflecting true love -- only a deficiency in knowledge. The light of love sees no walls.

Stand up for justice and peace, if you want a global garden for your children. Do not think that your passive actions will not be accounted for, since you ARE being informed and are aware of injustices and distortions of truth happening on every scale -- every day. Once you become consciously aware of a problem, you will be judged by your reaction to it. When you quiet the voice in your heart out of fear, you will have something greater to fear in the end. A worthless soul that does not stand for anything will eventually be condemned -- regardless of faith. Ignoring your conscience is worse than forgetting your own mother, or taking the life of another human. EVERY thought or action must first pass through your heart. Truth is in the heart. Your heart is the mouth of God. He who stands by his heart, stands by God. - Suzy Kassem (12/07/10)