The Ink of a Scholar

suzy kassem

“The ink of a scholar is more sacred than the blood of a martyr.”
--Prophet Muhammad

The above words were spoken by Prophet Muhammad 1400 years ago. He made this wise statement that those who are scholars or wise persons and use their scholarship to produce great writings so that others may benefit in the present as well as the future are more esteemed and more vital to the rise of truth than one who dies for the truth. Those of us who produce written words can affect people into the generations to come. We can very well live on eternally through our words.

Also, we can touch the lives of many through our writings. This is not said to belittle the people who have died in the way of truth. Many times, historically, deaths have set off great events and revolutions, but it is more valuable to live for the truth than die for the truth. We can do a lot more for the truth in life than death.

The mighty pen and paper have started many revolutions in this world. It was the pen writing down the words of God in the Quran that led to Arabia being revolutionized 1400 years ago. It was the reacquiring of knowledge, from the Spanish Moors Muslims, that led Europe to come out of her dark ages into her own renaissance. It was reading the works of great writers that opened up the darkened mind of the then Malcolm Little, who latter became Malcolm X, a fighter for Freedom, Justice and Equality.

The world has been changed and renewed at one time or another by the writings of great minds who have left behind great wisdom for us to study and grow from. They live through their words, and change is produced by their words. And despite they may have physically died, their minds still live on in their words bearing witness to the profound statement that: “The ink of a scholar is more sacred than the blood of a martyr.”