How to Revitalize You and Your Plants


You can't bring back the dead, but you can bring good health to the sick -- if you know some secret tricks.

One of the greatest weapons for healing comes straight from Mother Earth. Crystals soak in all the vibrations of the universe. Each crystal is as multidimdensional as truth, and each panel contains a thousands uses or messages in itself. The vibrations from crystals can heal the incurable if you know how to activate and initiate them.

When you look at a crystal all you see is a piece of glass, but you do not see the trillion of vibrations emitting inside, outside, and all around it. At one point in history, the great pyramids of Giza were covered in flawless slates of crystal over huge blocks of limestone. When the sun reflected its rays on them, they emitted an intense ethereal light that brought the sky and earth together. The intensity was so great it powered the world. The pyramids were the motherboard of civilization, and proves the ancient were masters of cultivating energy fields way before Tesla, Einstein, or Edison.

If you take a crystal and put it at super cold below zero temperatures, it will emit light and move like liquid. There are several minerals that can do this, and this is also how within the deepest parts of our seas, the ocean floor lights up to form a world of crystalline. But because it is impossibly for a human to go down that steep, we will never have an actual human witness. At below zero temperatures, crystal amplifies LIGHT.

Before you use a crystal you have to purify its vibrations. The best way to do this is to leave it in white salt for 7 days. When you remove it from the salt, pour water with lemon over the salt to purify it before you get rid of it down the sink. Then hold the crystal in your hand over running water. It will pick up your energies and flow with you.

You can also initiate crystals by holding one up over head in the shower. Just remember, just because you can't see anything, does not mean its not balancing and purifying your energies. Every time you use a crystal, purify it for another 7 days so you always have clean vibrations to work with. Make sure you always pour lemon water on the salt to free it of the negative vibes it soaked from your crystal.

Always treat your crystals with care. It has a pulse like you. Re-energize it in sunrise sunlight on a window sill inside or outside on a balcony.

Plant crystals in the earth of your gardens, in front of your homes and backyards. It is always best to use clear white quartz. Remember, they become activated through running water. Run sprinklers and hoses freely. For inside plants, stick solid quartz crystals in the dirt and water the soil. You will notice additional little plants grow and stems breathe life again. If a bulb is dead or leaves have wilted, a crystal can not regenerate what is already gone. It will try to save what is left and give its own heart to do so. Same with your soul. Treat crystals good.

There's a lot of truth in Superman. Crystal technology when understood is way more advanced than any technology we currently use now. The simple activation methods I am showing you how to use now are considered the baby stuff. Crystals can also be activated from sonar and solar waves.

We have crystal in our pineal gland, in our caves and earth, in our computers, in our seas and deserts, and in a tiny neuron in our hearts that works as the motherboard of our personal systems. It is this neuron that controls the mind via a magnetic field that joins the heart and brain. There are crystals in our oceans that work the same way, but have been moved from their places from tides and Time. These crystals were planted by our ancestors in the form of pyramids to keep a harmonic resonance intact around the earth. These pyramids also exist on top of earth and inside the sun in the earth, and on other planets throughout the galaxy, that all work together to create balance throughout the universe.

Your crystal keeps you tapped into the magnetic grid that surrounds our planet. What you bounce from your crystal will reflect back onto you. Pour love into your crystal and it will amplify the love you give it -- to empower and heal you.

Forget its hippie reputation, crystals will one day surface to be the hot topic to rock the nation.

By Suzy Kassem

Copyright 2010, Suzy Kassem. All rights reserved.