2011 is all about BE-COMING the person you were meant to BE. You should know all that is right from wrong by now, and this upcoming year is about BEING what you know -- BECOMING THE LIGHT YOU WERE MEANT TO BE!!

If you have anything holding you back, let go of it. If you have too many obstacles, jump over them. If people are holding you down, release them. If there are too many standards, laws, customs, restrictions, barriers, walls - skip them. Change directions if you have to, or start fresh if it makes sense to. Then put on some wings, listen to your conscience (heart), and try to BE the best you can BE. You are all FREE to do as you wish while you still can. The only person strapping on the limitations is yourself -- YOUR MIND. Follow the heart. Stand up for the heart and you will have fewer regrets in the end. If you keep following the guidelines of everything, your heart will be sitting on the sidelines of everything. - Suzy Kassem