Washing Away the Wishy Washy

You can't judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a man by his vibrations.

As the year comes to a fold, you should know the untrue from the gold. The genuine from the foe. The rat from the doe. The wolves with egos and the sheep without souls. Wash away those that bring no value to your life. If they do not bring a smile, have nothing to share, only take, or have turned into the kind of human you despise...eliminate these dead energies from your life. Start 2011 surrounded by true light. True light is revealed from the heart. Surround yourself with good hearts. Where there is love there is light. There is strength in love. There is a lot to be shared with love. Keep those close that bring light in your life. Remove stagnant and negative energies immediately.

And lastly, there is nothing worse than having to share time with someone who only talks about themselves -- or has to always be right. The ego is what drives a self-serving individual who hates to admit they are wrong. Conversations, like friendships, are about give and take. Don't allow yourself to be turned into a tape recorder for someone who is only in love with their own voice. If anyone ever stops to ask you about your happiness and health, keep that person close. Those are rare friends indeed.

- Suzy Kassem