There is Greatness in Everybody

You know, when there are a lot of kids on a playground during recess, there will always be a kid who runs fastest, and another kid that can do math better than the rest. This is the law of probability. So when kids on the playground start praising the kid that runs fastest in front of others, it is only natural for a few to build animosity towards the person being praised - even if that runner sees everyone as his equal. There will always be the person with the prettiest hands, the person with the biggest nose, and the person that can draw anything. Someone will excel in areas you don't and vice versa. However, there is something great in everybody. And it is the sum of all these unique skills and traits of greatness that makes us all beautiful. Truth sees no measure. If you can see the greatness in yourself, you wouldn't envy the greatness in others. - Suzy Kassem