Perspective 101

There is a very important point I want to make and it should change the way you see things...

Let's assume that, the stars and the moon in this picture represent "God". WHAT do you understand from this simple image?

Joe Dean: Does this mean that we re-create the things that god gives us?

Mayra Alejandra Vazquez: Following...

Suzy Kassem: No.

Joe Dean: What then? I don't get it, Suzy.

Boyd Hill: One person is just drawing the stars without the moon so I guess I'm not seeing the whole picture.

Suzy Kassem: If you cannot decode this simple image in one word or sentence right away, then your heart is not truly activated.

Alicia Strohm: they both hold pieces of the big picture ........ wink.

Laura DavḮd: Umm that we all have our own perspective of who or what god is?

Erik Swanson: Working together for the one.

Joe Dean: Harmony!

Mayra Alejandra Vazquez: hope? Of doing the best u can do?

Kazu Livingstone: There is something above us, that we need to recreate on Earth.

Sebastien Lajarrige: good proportions! nice

Joe Dean: To be honest, who cares? If your religious, your religious, and if not -- you don't need to look at some crappy picture to try and change your mind!

Laura DavḮd: Joe, I don't think this picture is trying to change anyone's mind...i think suzy is simply trying to see how we interpret this picture....which i believe is simply about perspective, so maybe she wants to see our perspective...? i just think its simply about PERSPECTIVE rather than religion.

Uribe Khay: Get used to seeing whats around you and your surroundings, because that is also what is inside you. That is what I get from the picture.

Foremost Poets: Surah 12:1-7.

Joe Dean: Peace, love and harmony! that is my perspective of this image!

Bleak One: God is the moon!

Lola Rephann: two interpretations: 1) many paths, one truth (the boy on the right sits at a different angle to the mobile and draws what he sees, but the essence is the same); 2) being programmed begins at the earliest age, where "god," "freedom," "success" and other concepts are fed to us from childhood and we copy these unconsciously because they have been presented as the only way. instead of SEEKING truth, we are programmed to fit into a system that provides the ILLUSION of truth.

Te'oma Mu: The Moon is so close and yet the Stars are so far, but both are equally in size of how we see them in view of the interpretation on paper.

Suzy Kassem: Good answers everybody, but Alicia, Laura, and Lola got it right.---------------- PERSPECTIVE. Everybody has a different way of interpreting the same thing. People can look at the SAME exact thing from DIFFERENT angles based on their personal PERSPECTIVE and... the location of where they are looking at it. That little girl is looking up at the same thing as the boy - but they are interpreting it differently on paper because they are looking up at it from different seats. And even if their images look different -- it is still the SAME THING. This is why there are many images out there of the SAME GOD - interpreted differently from different perspectives. God will look different to everyone depending on what angle you look at Him from.

For example, you can hold a grapefruit in the sky and someone will tell you its an apple, another will tell you it is a lemon -- but it is still a grapefruit. People will tell you what IT is based on how they see it. Another example, if you hold up a little world up in the sky so that all countries can see it, each country will tell you how it looks based on their own language and environment. So for instance, if people in India had to show you what God looks like, they would explain him to you with the use of elephants and tigers and many gods with attributes to represent every characteristic of the Divine. In upper Europe, they may use a white horse, a king, a know. That little girl in this picture could be using a purple crayon instead of the boy's blue one. And let's add, he chose blue because it was his favorite color, and she chose purple because it was the only one left. Both these kids are drawing their translations of the same thing from the angle of their seats, and their personal perspective + in a color that was left or chosen. There are so many spectrums within spectrums of ways you can look at the SAME THING. Look at how all the artists in the world are painting their view of the world. Not a single painting looks the same! Everyone will interpret life based on his/her perspective: drawn from personal experiences, cultural backgrounds, environments, soul colors, preferred communication/creative mediums..etc) Those two kids are sitting so close to each other yet they both SEE the same exact thing differently. Just look at their drawings. Truth is multidimensional -- and so are you -- God -- the Earth -- the Universe. This is the point. You can look at Truth from many different angles, but in the end it is still Truth. Now, let's also add that those two kids are also sister and brother.

Foremost Poets: Think about the question that was asked..... If the stars and the moon in this picture is God, then the "Children of God" take on an entirely different meaning. In fact, in this picture they are the Authors of God because they are the creators. In this picture, although they are young, they are not just children; they are the originators.

Suzy Kassem: You've got me sailing on the SS Confusion. I meant it symbolically. We are all children of the same Creator. Given. Right now, I just want people to focus on those two ordinary kids sitting there drawing. Many of you may recall from reading your holy books that the Creator asked to never create his image. He knew that if everyone created his image differently, than many people would assume that we were worshiping different gods -- not the exact same one.

Te'oma Mu: hence we recreate god in every waking moment to suit our needs.

Suzy Kassem: To know God, know your heart (conscience). After you know your heart, you will learn to see God in all things. Truth can only be seen by those with Truth in them. I think all the replies so far make great examples of all of us interpreting the SAME IMAGE differently - using different words, analogies, symbols, and literary visuals. Point made. All your perspectives are RIGHT, even if you are only capturing one side of the real truth. This is how God and Truth are looked at as well. Like a crystal, they have many panels. Language makes it easy to describe the same thing over a thousand different ways. Yet language can also be used to hide and distort Truth as well. In closing, I would like to add that had mankind listened to the Creator when he advised his children to never create his image, or give him a name, then humanity would not be so confused and divided in believing that every faith is worshiping a different god.