Forked Branches


Just because you and someone you grew up with share roots in the same tree, does not mean your branches will grow in the same direction.

You will always find that person from your past, current group of friends, or family that will always exhibit bitterness to you. Instead of comparing themselves to the rest of the world, and the sea of a thousand other trees like the one you share, they are only concerned with the growth of YOUR single branch. They think that just because you two grew up in the same neighborhood, or went to the same school, or lived in the same city, it isn't fair that you two should have different destinies. They ignore all other facets and factors, and will always blame the success of another on the sun's direction. Recognize that it is our environments, personal goals, struggles and sufferings -- AND how we react to everyday experiences -- that makes us each who we are. --Suzy Kassem