Distortions of Truth

I was just watching an Indian movie, and in one of the scenes this widow was reciting prayers to Krishna with prayer beads. I instantly recognized the prayer she was chanting because it matched the one Muslims also recite...but instead of saying KRISHNA, they say ALLAH. Then I had a flashback...

I remember being in Luxor in upper Egypt staring at a series of hieroglyphics on the wall of a tomb. I understood very well how to interpret the message, even if the tour guides around me were telling tourists it meant something else. It was then I understood PERSPECTIVES and the distortions of Truth.

I could read the walls with just quick glances. I always loved game shows that had any sort of puzzles to them...and that is how I could read the walls. There were a series of hieroglyphics that were replicated images that were positioned like a cross. This translated to me as the pulse of communication going in every direction, the evolution of the way we communicate, language as barrier, written backwards, forwards, up and down. The message is the same but the way it is mirrored is different.

An expert archaeologist / Egyptologist from Britain loaded with the right credentials, or the head of antiquities in Egypt, will tell people that these symbols represent the rebirth of Osiris. Some messages are not meant to be understood by devils, especially if the messages are made to warn people about these devils and what they did, are doing, and will do. The ancient Egyptians mastered the potential of the mind, do you think they do not know how evil thinks? Do you think they did not know their symbols were going to be misinterpreted by future minds that operated on lower frequencies?

The vital message I got from a section in the temple was a forewarning: language barriers were going to cripple our progression. Language was going to keep us divided.

We put too much trust in "qualified" interpreters that our ignorance is going to allow truth to be manipulated. Not only do we need true honest translators, but more transcultural decoders to understand the many perspectives of Truth. Truth is like a crystal, she reveals herself in many ways. Let's dissect all her reflections to create the closest image that resembles her. If you do not have it in your heart to truly find truth, your will never see her. Those that are already blind, never do. Let's start by sharing all our similarities, instead of first acknowledging our differences. LANGUAGE is a serious weapon in shining and sharing Truth. It is also a serious weapon used in her distortion. - Suzy Kassem