Foundations Are Crashing

Let's face it. The close-knit family unit of yesterday is quickly becoming a mirage. Divorce rates are now reaching 90% in countries across the world. Relatives are now more likely to dissolve tight relations over money or property issues. More people are getting married for money and security reasons than for love. It's enough that friends don't hold ground like they used to, but the people of today are solely out for themselves -- even if it means stepping over their own family and friends.

For all the people I have helped professionally, I've never received a thank you or helpful payback for pushing them ahead. For every person I've taken out to dinner, loaned my car to, offered a place to stay, or gave money to, I've never seen the kindness returned - even though I still call them my friend. Yet, I still keep giving. Not for them, I do it to be the right person...always.

In Egypt, I've loaned money out to friends and relatives that I've never seen again. They would rather avoid me for life than pay back anything. That in itself says a lot about the current state of the world. I've seen a man take in an orphan off the streets and provide him with shelter and a job at his company. A couple years later, that orphan robs the register and starts his own company selling the same merchandise -- across the street. I've seen another man conceive a business project from the ground up and build it successfully from scratch. After it became successful, he took on two partners to expand his empire. A year later, they sided together to devise a scheme to eliminate the originating partner. Where are the people with a conscience, a heart, and a sense of ethics? The worst of humanity has yet to come.

When the shallowness of the streets starts creeping into your family and social circles, instantly a sane person would think about isolating themselves. However, most givers give freely without expecting anything in return. Given. It's their hearts that give so freely, not their minds. So essentially, givers are the ones that are insane. Takers aren't the ones losing anything. They live to maximize gain even at the expense of others.

Let me put this in perspective to the takers. Every time you take something from somebody, it is less for them. Meaning, they give up a gift for themselves to help you. All that money somebody put in you, they could have enjoyed on something to make them happy. Yet, instead, they chose to give it to you. Now, there is nothing worse or more insulting to a giving person than to be forced to give something they have already given enough of, or for the taker to say they never got anything. Worse, is when all the giving is ignored, or expected as a chore. Eliminate these people from your life. Their numbers are growing beyond limits. If you eliminate one today, you'll have room to handle the new one coming tomorrow. I think it's safe to say that 3 in every 5 is a rat.

Use good judgment when dealing with today's people. There are plenty of mindless and selfish savages that are prowling on the take. This does not mean STOP GIVING. No, keep giving to those that reflect light back onto you. Be super observant to the smallest actions for they say the most. This is no joke. Opportunists are at an all-time high. Don't think for a minute that the people closest to you are the safest. In time, you will recognize it's quite the opposite.

In the past, if someone burnt you twice, you were the idiot if you got burned the third time. Now that times are changing, one bad stroke is enough for a smart man to write another off. DO not allow yourself to make the same mistake TWICE. The game has changed. Be very careful with who you associate with. Your odds of playing it safe are better if you align yourself with others of the same league - not below you or above you. Those beneath you will always crave to climb up to steal your place - or pockets. Those above you may feel threatened by you and will keep kicking you down so their place stays secure. Or, if you have a lot to offer, they will cheat and steal from you -- then try to "erase" you. Remember this. I hope this brings some light to your life.

Humanity is lost is because people have abandoned using their conscience as their compass.