The Healthiest Man in the World


The healthiest man in the world sleeps on time. He eats green, stays active, and is very conscious about his health. He has a vitamin for every part of his body and day, and can write a bible on how to look 20 at 40.

The healthiest man in the world died on July 3rd of a brain aneurysm at the age of 44.

You see, just because the healthiest man in the world did everything right to stay healthy, did not mean he was. For two years, he was in fear of losing his job. And though he took good care of his body, he neglected the most important facet of his entire vessel -- his mind.

A pumping heart is meaningless without an awakened mind. Mind is everything. Before you strive to get healthy, make sure your mind is at peace and stays balanced. To get there, you first have to weigh your mind.

First, figure out what it would take for you to lose your mind. Meaning, how much of a toll from outside factors would it take for you to mentally lose control of a situation. Think of worst case scenarios and imagine how you would handle those situations. By identifying your greatest fears and your reactions to them, you can figure out the approximate number and weight of hits your mind could hold without triggering any major anxieties. By doing so, you can train your mind NOW how to calmly handle any unexpected restraints or "problems" -- regardless of size.

After you've done this exercise, figure out now with a clear mind how you would handle those situations and write your answers down. This is the first step to truly FREE YOUR MIND. You NEED to RECOGNIZE and FACE your fears. Then, if or when any of these problems do arise, you can go back to the solutions you had previously written down with a clear and focused head.

Now that you have faced your fears, don't be startled if you ever meet any of them again in the future in LIFE. Always know that are circumstances that you can't control so meet turbulence peacefully like the currents of the wind or sea. It's when we take the ride very seriously that we stop enjoying it. Even in the most painful life-altering situations and phases, we must train our minds to flow through them like the breeze. Accept loss and harsh weather as thorns of life. The sad reality is that we all need to crash to grow.

Take care of your minds. There is a great power in those in control of their brains. If you can control your brain, you can control your body, your happiness, your life. That is the first and most powerful element to achieving great health. So, start writing everything down. EVERY little thing that could possibly affect your heart, spirit or mind -- if it ever happened. Once you measure your fears and face them, and have pre-planned solutions for dealing with them, you can flow peacefully in life. Take this lesson very seriously. Use this exercise to strengthen and train your mind to be an easy rider.

Now go on. Flow on.

Suzy Kassem