Divine Timing


Everyone in the universe has their divine time when things are supposed to happen to them -- when they were written by the cosmic hand to happen. Believe it. Love, success, and true friendships have already been written for you to happen at specific times in your life. This is all part of the cosmic order of the universe.

When we force any of the above to happen before they happen, we get undesirable results. Never think that the talents you have now will be the only talents you will have. Never think that the friends and love you have now, will be the only friends and love you will ever have in your life. If your friendships happened spontaneously, then they were meant to be. If you went after love or certain friendships, then they were not mean to be. Study your life history and you will see what I mean. When we allow things to happen freely and events to hit us spontaneously, then we will be happy with the results, rather than when we actively seek out events to happen.

You do not choose your career, it picks you. You do not pick your significant others, the universe picks them for you. The best way to live life is to live it without any resistance or expectations of how you imagine things should be, and to just flow with the way of the universe. Only then, will you live a happy, satisfying life. Be patient and you will be rewarded with happiness. Never be anxious or force things to happen, you will only be unhappy with ALL that you forced to BE.

Dormant special talents and gifts you have within you, but still may be unaware of, may come into fruition later on in your life when you least expect it. You may be trying all your life to become an established artist, but then happen to become something entirely different like an astronomer in the end. We don't know what was written for us until we submit to all that could be. Be open to all things in life. Keep your doors and hearts open for experiences that will reveal to you who you were meant to be, and be ready for them to happen when they were meant to happen.

By Suzy Kassem