The 3 Villains of Happiness


You may look happy and act happy, but for a lot of reasons you can’t explain to others – you don’t ever feel fully happy. You always feel weighed down by these dark burdensome feelings that lay deeply buried within the depths of your mind and soul. They keep you up all night or prevent you from totally engaging in joyous moments. You may have an idea or two of what could be at the root of these feelings, but you still can’t fully describe to people what it is that’s holding you back from fully enjoying LIFE and experiencing total happiness.

Don’t sweat it. I have news for you. These feelings are avoidable and erasable. And believe it or not, they're also being shared by the majority -- though many people have not recognized or acknowledged them yet as being the true source of their unhappiness.

There are three villains that hideout on everyone’s pathway to happiness. Their names are Fear, Guilt, and Regret. Surely you’ve heard of them before, but before you say they don’t apply to you, let’s take a quick run down memory lane.

How many relatives, close friends, enemies, or classmates have died so far in your life? Were you always good to them? Did you always share with them your honest thoughts of them? Or did you forget to ask them something you always wanted to know? Or how about that crush you had when you were younger? Did you reveal to them your true feelings when you had the chance? Did you tell your grandmother how much you loved her before she died? Did you ever treat her badly? Is there something you could have done to help someone, but didn’t? Did you treat someone you cared about unfairly? Do you wish you could have said something to someone you never saw again? Did you hide the Truth in a situation that ended up getting out of hand? Did you lie to someone? Did you have an argument with someone, and now they are no longer alive or in your life so you can tell them you’re SORRY?

Now that you have an idea on what could be the source behind those dark feelings that you’ve been harvesting all these years, narrow in on them. Your issues may differ slightly here and there, but you get the point. So let’s now go on to how to eliminate these heavy feelings that have weighed us all down.

The solution is simple:

Always be truthful and you will never be haunted by Regret, Guilt or Fear.

If you tell a girl you love her, she may reject you, but now you will never regret having hid your feelings. Nothing is worse than never jumping at an opportunity because of Fear. Regret and Guilt will always haunt you whenever you let Fear win. You may temporarily regret telling this girl anything because she rejected you, but eventually Regret will leave you alone. Where there is Truth, no negative feelings will ever be able to haunt you for long. Always put your faith in Truth and ignore Fear. Never feel guilty about telling the Truth - EVER. You automatically eliminate Guilt, Regret and Fear. You get the idea?

Now in simpler terms. Be TRUTHFUL always and you will live a fulfilling happy life. If what you said to your loved before he or she died was the TRUTH at that time, then don’t let the words eat you up inside. If you let love escape you once or twice before out of Fear, then learn from your past mistakes and jump at any chance to tell people your feelings with no fear or shame from now on. Truth will always be at your side. You should never feel guilty if you tell the Truth, even if it sets off bad results. Sometimes Truth comes with a heavy price and may hurt you only in the short-term, but I would rather sleep at night knowing what I did was right than play a card that was wrong. Be honest at all times and you won’t have to worry about hiding Truth. Fear keeps us from jumping at opportunities out of the Guilt of enjoying them, but later we experience Regret whether we do something -- or don’t.

People that harvest the three villains under their skins will never be happy. So, starting today be Truthful at all times in everything you do and with everybody you meet. Always tell people how grateful you are for having them in your lives. Tell the beautiful they are beautiful and the ugly they are ugly when they get ugly. If someone makes you feel alive, tell them. If they make you sad, always tell them. Tell your parents and siblings you love them. Be honest, open and free every breathing moment of your life. Whenever you hold back repressed feelings, you unconsciously build a mound of undesirable stagnant energy within you that hardens over time -- and turns black. Let your feelings flow freely - ALWAYS.

Now, don’t run out and tell your boss he’s a miserable bastard even if he is one. Practice reason. Your job is not paying you to be happy, only to make the company happy, so the rule does not apply in the office. It applies in your life. In your home. In your social circles. To your friends and loved ones. To strangers. To the people around you that light up your life, live with you, near you, and around you. Be truthful and nothing dark will haunt you. Be truthful and you will fill your life with LIGHT.

Doubt, fear and regret are the three villains of success. However, if you close the door on the first two, you will never have to worry about meeting the third.

By Suzy Kassem