Living Rule #7 by Suzy Kassem

LIVING RULE #7: Don't consume what you don't need and don't need what you can't eat. As a capitalistic country, we are so progressive to make our bucks, or look like we have bucks, that we don't enjoy what we have now. We buy into unneeded new editions, upgrades, new versions, new labels, and the bigger and better of everything that we don't stop to question if we really need what we are buying. A Capitalistic machine hums in the cash "I" state of mind, not for the "We", so every business is naturally programmed to suck the consumer for his last dollar. It's this rapid movement into the future that's destroying us, killing our environment, and raping the Earth of it's resources at super unnatural speed. Don't be fooled by all that is masked green! Everyone wants the latest and the greatest that nobody enjoys what they have in the present - or the people around them. We need to seriously EVOLVE, but our technology is rapidly advancing before we do! We have become so dependent on what is not real that we have neglected all that really is. When we start putting more value in the manpower of a machine than in humans, we will see the last of this age as we now know it. Enjoy the now. Don't buy into the upgrade if it serves no immediate value. The only thing you should invest in is traveling to rotate your perspectives, spreading goodness, and in drinking knowledge. Buy Truth for your mind.
- Suzy Kassem