Living Rule #2 by Suzy Kassem

LIVING RULE #2: Learn to float your own boat. After you die, the world will keep turning and the ants will move on. Yesterday is irrelevant. Nobody cares what you wore yesterday or what car you drove. Nobody cares about your bills because they aren't the ones paying them and they don't care about your sick niece as much as you do because it's not their blood. And when you die, only the new paths you paved will be relevant. Float on in life just being you. Wear the same shirt in a row, be an artist, take any job to get by to do what you want. Nobody cares in the end so don't live for them. Make a difference for yourself. Become successful for yourself. Don't live to impress. In the end, you will find the people you lived to impress were not worth impressing. Live to float in your own individual vessel - the right way. FLOAT your own boat - in the RIGHT direction. The herd is not necessarily right, nor where they park their boats. Float right. Float on. Here today, gone tomorrow. Today you got to be different to make a difference. Time to BE! Be yourself. Don't brand yourself like the sheep unless you are one. Creating your vessel is your own personal art project.
- Suzy Kassem