The Last Egyptian


In the middle of an oasis,
Between the thighs
Of the Nile,
A woman with coal black hair
Drifts alone in exile.

In a place where streams
Flow north and south,
And harmony pours
Out of the heart and mouth,
A queen rests in a field
Of luscious green,
Full of fear
And sleepless doubt.

She had fled the Delta west
To seek protection in the east -
But even on blood soil
They had known of her
Return -
Since the early age of

With wisdom from above
And divine words of peace,
Both lands had decided -
She was to be made
A very private enemy.
The woman in the blue mask
Has blue lilies in her hair
And writes in yellow.
And was written about in ancient books
Way before the days of Plato -
Or even Othello.

THE LAST EGYPTIAN by Suzy Kassem, Copyright 2010.