7 Rules of Light

1. Be good and always be the right person.

Breathe love and always synergize with other lights. Blind yourself with light and bind all division. The more people you connect and collaborate with, the more your light grows.

3. Be patient and always remember the dark clouds always make way for the Sun. As a sensitive soul, you are bound to stumble upon feelings of sadness and helplessness. Know that the more your light grows, the more sensitive you will become. Learn to control your energies through playful or creative outlets. Never give in to your negative moods. Wait patiently for them to pass.

4. Be compassionate and treat everyone as part of your family. You are all connected.

5. Travel to shift your perspectives and always seek Knowledge before you say you know.

6. Be fair as a defender of Truth and Justice at all times. Stand up for what is right always.

7. Never take or expect rewards for anything good that you do to personally, not professionally, help a person who seeks your aid or guidance. Never. Always be willing to help put friends and family back together, because most likely they can't help themselves.

Ways to Increase Your Spiritual Rewards
Brownie points for those who put others before themselves. Yes, selfishness yields the highest rewards from the divine. Brownie points for those who synergize others any way they can. Brownie points for those who can point out Untruths to their families and stand up for what is right to their friends. Correct them all any chance you can. Nobody is perfect and we may sometimes find ourselves victims of our own hypocrisy, it's alright, you are only human - try, and try again. Those with the brightest lights open and enter the brightest of doors. These rules apply to all religions and sciences. Apply them to your relationships and everyday life. From now on, look at everything with love and light...and always, always do what's right.

Let the true CHANGE