The Monkey Is Thinking

Everyone I meet lately is like a robot or yes man. A follower, or nomad with no plan. What's the deal, Sam? And all these people want change when they are the most stagnant people. If you want change, get active. No messiah or president is going to change the world while you sit and wait. WE are going to change the world.

Change your perspectives, keep rotating those lenses, and change will come when that crown on your head starts to illuminate. When the light truly fills your mind, you will no longer see borders or division. You will truly treat each man as your brother and give them the respect you wish for yourself. You will not look at another person higher or lower than you, only extensions of you - your equal. Change within before you change what's outside.

We need warriors with personalities and minds of their own. It's obvious by now that the words of great men and women of history have only been repeated to little or no effect. We need new voices with OPINIONS. We need real voices that move with these current times to voice change in tones every man can relate to.

Right now, it's safe to say that whichever way the herds turn, go the other way. Those that go the other way, are the small minority with the capability and mind to really change the world. We need true leaders. Leave the egos at home.