Don't Lose That Pounce

We are born to be very flexible creatures but we don't use our bodies, or minds, to their fullest intended capacities.

For instance, take one step away from your desk. Now, can you jump from where you are now to the top of your desk, without stepping back or forward - an ounce? If you can't, you've lost that pounce.

Blame it on your age or knees, but even if you are in your late 40s, you should be able to jump it. Unfortunately, we don't train our bodies to stay flexible. We feel this weight hold us down as we get older that we blame on age, but in reality, it's only laziness.

I am a full-fledged jumper. The Panther name didn't just come outta nowhere. If I'm walking on the street and I see a mailbox, trashcan, railings of any sort, stairs...whatever...I'll jump it. Even if the distance is really close, I'll jump high no matter what. I competed in hurdles because it's engraved in me to jump. I never lost a race - always first place and I thank that to my love for jumping. I'm constantly training in the concrete jungle - prepared for anything.

I stretch very often too - like the cat that I am. I make up my own stretches, arcs, exercises and I can mentally tone down my body in a week if I wanted to. Been doing it since birth. You can do that too. Combining the body and mind intertwined, you can bend and mold your body into anything. Many people don't know that. You can drop your weights, and if you spend time with me, I'll show you how to create the same effects holding absolutely nothing.

The body is a fascinating vessel. Treat it like a sturdy ship and your health will be smooth sailing. I like being fast and aware all the time. I've been in tons of fights, over 40 this past year. And if I wasn't quick, I could have lost an eye or ended up with tons of deep scars from knife whippers.

I'm 33, but I haven't lost the strength I had when I was 17. I keep jumping trashcans and will do so into my 50s with my kids. In time of disaster, I have a trained quick reflex to react. If I get attacked or anybody around me, I have the pounce to take a homie or few out. That's why it's important to all women and men to keep their bodies flexible, strong, and ready to endure whatever. If you think we are in the worst of times, you haven't seen anything yet. Egypt is good for predicting social climates around the world. People are becoming more desperate. If you don't preserve your pounce for safety reasons, do it for your health. Building your body strong now will prevent pains and aches in the future when the slightest fall will leave its mark on you. Build yourself into a machine and a machine you will become.

Now go jump around and be a kid again. Just replace that ducky in the bathtub, with a tub of salt.