Power of Resonance

The Hundredth Monkey

The 100th Monkey phenomena has been cursed by skeptics and some "experts" claim it's not proven.

Yet, it has.

Anybody who denies the power of resonance is an idiot. These skeptics deny the power of triggering social telepathy, even though it's the way we are manipulated and controlled today. The media reminds us how to act, feel, and think everyday. Given. If resonance didn't work, then marketing companies and ad agencies wouldn't exist. Trends would not surface so fast worldwide at the same time in a limited period - if it we not for some kind of vibrational effect, or simply, the domino effect.

You cannot deny the 100th Monkey phenomena since it is a very simple and validated Truth found repeated throughout sociology. The people who criticize the concept, just don't want us to see how easy it is for us to trigger and amplify a universal awakening - that when multiplied, could create a revolution.

If we synergized, and really collectively resonated the same thoughts - via any means possible - we would build currents together, that would build in momentum and frequency - and then 'SMACK' - quickly spread. If we keep spreading light, and repeatedly pushing those same concepts over and over again and building fleets at the same time, who are also repeating the same concepts, attitudes, and outlooks, then we will have built a light militia, that when our thoughts are vibrated over time at the same time, we will be fueling a bolt of love that builds awareness and compassion. We will no longer be divided because we are aware. And when we can't be divided, then there is no room for evil and greed to conquer and reap.

You want real social change? It's up to us to really trigger it... and this is an example of how it will happen. You can read about the 100th Monkey Phenomena here.