Where Do Chickens Come From?


Where the hell do all these billions of chickens really come from?

Have you ever asked yourselves how there could possibly be 'chicken' listed at least 8 times on every menu on the planet...when we don't see them anywhere?

If everybody is serving chicken and millions are eating eggs for breakfast, then the ratio of dead chicken to human is one chick for every 4 humans. So where are they? Yes, we can see them on farms and on the very rural streets of India, Brazil, Argentina, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. But even though chicken can be visibly be seen walking around in those countries, still...we should be seeing them in the same frequency we see senior citizens on a sidewalk. So where are they hidden?

Underground? Do they come in shipments from space straight to Tyson or KFC's special laboratory in Montauk? Area 51?

Something like that. I remember someone asking a friend why Kentucky Fried Chicken changed its name to KFC? My friend replied it was because the company wanted to get rid of the word 'FRIED' since people were becoming more health-conscious. I said NO, it was because they didn't want to get sued because they weren't actually serving chicken. I think both reasons. Cloned, mass-produced like tomatoes, drugged, and bleached. Some chickens that are 'manufactured' don't have heads and bodies of regular chickens.

Have you ever seen that movie with Marlon Brando where he is some Doctor on this island where they clone animals with humans? Something like that. I bet somewhere out there...little chicken children are running around and they don't grow and stay the size of Webster forever.