Top 5 Airlines

By the age of 11, I'd been on most airline carriers around the world. At 33, I believe my experiences qualify me to be an executive airline connoisseur. In other words, I can save you some of the headache that goes into traveling. If you should ever have to choose between different airlines, and you should stumble across any of these carriers listed, go for them first - even if it means paying a little extra. These are all excellent, no problems, and first-rate.

1) Singapore Airlines (The service is excellent, super clean, tons of magazines and stuff to read, good music, good movie programming, good aircraft, good food, and the hostesses are all hot. No joke. They're like genies. Ask them for ANYTHING and they'll blush to death before saying no - which they won't do. Ask them for better headphones, and they'll go get the Captain's. Plus, some of their planes have suites with full beds or long chair seating that imitate a bed.)

2) Air France (Very professional. Give you no problems, no hassle for ANYTHING, and are always on time, but some transfers from other carriers can create long layovers. Air France, often has 'very limited' numbers of planes scheduled in a day in airports outside of their home base. Some of their flights take off at the crack of dawn and you have no choice but to take it because it's the only flight they offer on that day - or week. Now, if you're the type of person who likes to ring the service bell that lights up above your seat for anything - then don't ride this carrier. The hostesses will blacklist your ass if you do it even ONCE.

3) Ettihad (Seriously, if you get a chance to get on this plane going to any of the Arabian states, Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar...whatever, go with this polished airline. It is Arab spoiling at its best.

4) Emirates (same thing, but less polished than Ettihad, but equal or more superior in service and class than most American or European carriers.

5) British Airways (The hostesses are lovely. You get whatever you want. You feel like you're with normal people - until you land.)

Fair mention: Air New Zealand and Qantas are fairly good and used to be super stellar, until they slouched in the past 6 years. If you are a lush, fly Qantas. I don't drink, but on a 20+hr flight, I'll do anything because I'm ADHD to the 7th degree. They give you tons of bottles of anything and then a quarter way into the flight one side of the craft will turn into a party boat. Aussies love to travel and the ones that fly in my age group usually have world itenaries where they pick and choose as they go. They work to travel and explore. So you usually catch these types going and coming and they just drink beer after beer after beer...and they'll compete too.


#1,2,3,4,5 - Anything American (sardine boxes)
Northwest, Delta, United, SW (delays), US Air
++ Lufthansa is either excellent or shitty. Their hostesses suck. The whole crew does.

*ADVICE: Sign-up for perk rewards every single time you travel on a new plane. You don't have to if it's already partnered with one you are already with because most carriers are part of an alliance. Miles do add up fast, expesh if you go long distances. One trip abroad could be one free trip nationally - even to Hawaii. The reason I do it, is because I always miss flights or carry super heavy baggage or too many bags whenever I return and being an active member gives me VIP service where they disregard everything and I never pay any penalties. It makes a big difference! Do it. And also, you get upgraded a lot without you knowing it so I end up in first-class alot - I mean alot - just through perks. Also, always travel RT instead of one-way even if you think you'll never go there again. The difference in price is minimal so set the date way far ahead to a time you think you might be in the area and that way, if you should ever decide to go there, you got a way covered. This works wonders on overseas flights. Trust me! You never know.