Class Assignment #2


I do believe in a higher power composed of light and I do believe that this light that surrounds us all the time has eyes and ears.

Around September, I wrote about 5 pages of everything I wanted and all that my soul desired and feared. I wrote a super long list and even gave details of everything and repeated all that mattered most. I read the list everyday for about 5 days until my computer got hit by a virus. I lost my wish list but my thoughts had already been thrown out into the unknown.

It is now halfway through March and everything on that list has surfaced already. Now everything I imagined is coming to reality right down to physical detail.

I encourage all who read this to take time out to really throw your thoughts, dreams, desires and fears all down on paper. Vibrate as you write and your message will resonate to reciever. Ask the light to remove all that is bothering you, bad people from your path, evil friends, bad luck, poor communication, envy...anything that is negative. Ask for good health for you and yours and to protect them from the evil eye. Ask..ask, and ask and don't feel ashamed. If you hide what is in your heart, the light will know. However, only when you amplify your desires, will they stand out amongst the noise only if they are true.

Try it. Imagine your mind flooded with light or sit in front of a strong light force. It does not matter as long as you can reflect a strong image of WHITE LIGHT. Anybody can do this regardless of religion because this white light is part of the ALL and it is the dominate force in ALL spiritual teachings. And scientifically, it is the energy that gives us energy.

Ask the light to heal you. To regenerate you. To erase all traces of frustration and pain. Remove dark patches and gray areas, shady people. Imagine this light take over your entire soul and wash away all that bothers you. Write and write and write it all out. Be true to yourself and don't hold back. Keep referring back to what you wrote and bask yourself in white light as you reveal yourself to truth. All that you ask for will come, but there is a test.

The true test of being true is acknowledging your granted wishes as blessings, and not just coincidences. Worse, is stating that your blessing(s) is not exactly what you asked for. Did you really mention in detail what you wanted or was it a general request? Are you grateful or undeserving? Take this test to learn more about yourself. It will reveal a lot about the truth in you.

Do it. What have you got to lose?