WasSsup WasSsup?

So I was in a crazy rush to catch a train back to Alexandria yesterday. I had two bags with me and I was running down the street trying to flag down a cab. While in a frenzy, I accidently threw over a vendor's donkey cart holding cucumbers. My bag must have hit it and it sent hundreds of cucumbers to the floor. I turned around and saw the mess but because I was in a hurry - kept going.

When I missed the train and went back home to chill out for a bit to catch the later one, I ran into the cucumber guy who cut my path by standing in front of me, studying me boldly in the eye.

(In Arabic)

"YOU. You kicked my cucumbers on the floor and did not have the decency to take the blame! All those cucumbers got thrown in the trash!"

I felt myself shrink. He scared me with his tone. But I knew for a fact that this guy did not throw out his cucumbers. I did not like his style of slurs and language with me. So in defense, I flipped channels on him.

"Oh, I'm sorry", I said innocently.

"I have mild schizophrenia and right now you are not talking to the right person who could have done it. She is not here right now."

(Long pause)

Everytime he is about to start a sentence, he sinks away in contemplation. He studies my eyes. Paces his thoughts. Then...

"Well, when is she going to come back so I can have her pay for all my lost cucumbers? This is a problem that has to be solved between her and I at once."

Surprised by his answer, and in a soft trance, I asked, "Who?"

"Your friend", he replied.

I was so stunned that this guy even bought it. I was just throwing shit out there like I do whenever I'm in a jam. Then he pauses again shaking his head, pats me on the back, and says...

"Come. Let's go get some guava juice because I'm thirsty. I did not have any juice today and when I do not drink my juice, I cannot think properly. I invite you for a cup...

And we can wait for your friend to come."

WasSsup WasSsup?