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I am a huge lover and supporter of the arts and global synergy. As an multidimensional artist myself, I used to go by the name of BLUE PANTHER,  BLU PANTHA, or BLUE ONE since the late 80s. I am skilled in graffiti, Arabic calligraphy, oil paint, graphic design, art direction, styling, filmmaking, photography, and music production. I used to also have my own clothing company called
Cloud 7 and was one of the most influential art curators in Los Angeles. I pretty much know most of the heavyweights in street art and graffiti culture all around the world, and I love them all. Most of the prominent heads in hip-hop, house music, and punk rock know me as well because I was also heavily involved in the business side of the music industry right out of college. I am a creative synergist who likes to bridge people together,and universal themes are prominent in all my work. However, I like to stay in the background and in the underground where there is more truth, but you can see traces of my influence in everything around you. Just follow the words, styles, and colors. I  also used to direct music videos and commercials. But overall, I kinda just do whatever I feel like at any given moment. I like to write too. And twist pretzels.  But overall, I love like to bring people together to create together -- to build synergy -- any way I can. - Suzy Kassem aka Blue One aka Blue Panther 777  - -----------------***~~&(((The very first and original 777)))&~~***

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