Class Assignment #1


If you should stumble upon this posting, consider it meant for you.

This year, keep a journal. From now until the second week of February, write every day. Write random thoughts, prose, ideas, or eliminate fears and anxieties on paper - or on your screens. Write about health problems and anything bothering you. Or get yourself a blog as a record keeper. Believe me, it's a good way to see yourself grow or fall. It's a good way to release and delete. Just do it.

Then, by the end of the second week of February, I want you to start hunting for the best lapis lazuli that is accessibly cheap. If it's pulled near water based regions, better. Otherwise, Russia, Brazil, or Afghanistan will do. If it has no grainage in it, kick it aside. Get a rock to put under your bed, under your mattress, under your pillow, in your shower, in your car, at your work, everywhere you occupy time.

You are to never stop writing from the moment you pick up a pen until the end of the year. Just in Feb, I want you to arm yourselves with lapis for the remainder of 2009 and see if you notice any differences. I guarantee you will. Record it.

*Make sure the rocks are pure as they are often imitated. Most stones found in the market are dyed howlite. The best lapis is from Badakshan, Afghanistan -- but even there you can get the fake stuff. Lapis is the real gold. The true gold since the days of the Pharaohs was lapis, and even the gold that was glorified back then, was used as a royal metal simply because it mirrored the image of the sun. However, for its properties that far exceed the material, lapis is the real gem of the universe. It will bring balance to your spirit and open portals in your mind. It will give you clarity and even reduce the pain of a toothache. If you are depressed or knotted inside, bask in the energy of lapis. It works for me. It will will cut through all the chaotic currents running inside you.

With that said, start your assignment, get writing and start looking for lapis. Arm yourself. This is a strong year for your mind to share secrets with your soul.

*Do not mix lapis with any amethyst, diamonds, or any type of clear quartz. It will make you mental. If you have amethyst, make sure you don't keep a ring on or have a rock in your living space for long periods of time, it works in the reverse after awhile. The energies emitted from amethyst are to be controlled and accessed in limited squirts - a week at a time, no more than a month. People that don't understand it, don't mess with it. It will make you lost, confused, depressed, and unstable if exploited. It can fuck you up. It's why I had my huge bracelet taken off. Big difference.