Travel Update

I'll be back in Alexandria tomorrow, should get there by sunset. So don't call the Cairo place no more. On Monday I'm taking off to Sharm El Sheikh to look for a place to rent for the remainder of the month. I love that place, man. I love windsurfing and diving. I love the nightlife. I love the mix of cultures. I love the fish.

I'm going to work on music and writing, swim all day and dive away from the sharks. Everything that I lost in creative work, will be recreated. Don't stop. I won't stop. BTW, I got tons of spices, oils, mad jeans for the fellas and sneakers for all. I say everyone stop paying rent where they're at and come to Sharm. It's where it's at. It's hammerhead central, but the vibes are good. I meet so many freaks there. Ferreal.