Messages From Beyond

Know that:

1) When you are sitting alone at your desk, in front of the TV, lying on a couch, comfortable in your own space and suddenly smell the sweetest fragrance as that from the heavenliest garden...know that you have just been visited by a departed loved one. The scent usually lasts only seconds and you may think you imagined it. Know it was very real.

2) When you are alone in your own space and suddenly feel something wrap around you like it came in with the soft wind from an open window, and you sense this indescribable feeling of warmth encompass you that brings unexplainable tears to your eyes. Know that a deceased loved one had just come to tell you they love you. It is very real. You have just been visited.

3) When you notice a bird outside your window, on your front door step, somewhere in front of you, observing your every move, watching intensely, studying you, making you very aware of their presence and once you acknowledge them, they fly away towards the sky. Know that a loved one was checking up on you. It is very real and no coincidence. Send a verbal or telepathic message to the bird to deliver to a loved one for I promise you they will. Throughout history, birds have acted as messengers between the living and the living and deceased. If a bird should make its way into your living space, let them know you are alright and send it peacefully on its way. You have just been visited.

4) When you are in bed , in a chair, or resting comfortably in your own zone and feel the soft weight of a hand resting on your cheek, shoulder, knee, arm, back, or elbow, or even just a faint prickle of energy caressing your skin, pillow, or even feel a sense of weight resting on your bed, know that a departed loved one is reaching out to you. You are not imagining things. You have just been visited.**

5) When you are alone and the TV or radio flips on by itself, or your computer flickers intermittently, or mouse moves across the screen on the automatic (and it’s not a Dell PC or hacker), know that it is only through energy a departed loved one can signal they are with you. If you find yourself questioning the situation, know it was very real. You have just been visited.

6) When you are filtering through photos and one falls out and it happens to be one of a deceased, know that they are telling you that they are around you and still with you. It is very real. Take the photo and frame it. The dead want to be remembered. If the photo is on a computer screen and the mouse locks up, have the photo printed and framed. You have just been visited.

I share these 6 points from personal re-occurring experiences and know, without a doubt in my mind, that they were all actual visits from the departed. Now imagine yourself dead and now exposed to the spiritual realm ruled by cosmic law which forbids the deceased from verbally communicating or materializing before the living. Ask yourself, how would you communicate to your loved ones? Without words? Without scaring them? Without making them paranoid? I'll admit that the fluttering vibrations I feel sometimes on my pillow at night do scare the living shit out of me. I sometimes mistake them for something dark. How would you distinguish your presence from the jinn or others whom have also passed? Think about it.

Even though I tell my family and friends to come and visit me if they should die first, differentiating their true presence from the noise is a tough task. The only way you would specifically recognize someone is through articles of clothing or possessions they owned that cross your path, sounds they liked, scents, symbols and the repetition of certain behaviors they once employed while living. The rest is intuition. Fact, the dead do want you to talk to them. Fact, they do like it when you play their favorite music. Fact, they do come around us from time to time and some are around us every day living amongst us and our families as though they had never died.

**There are times when a living person can think about you so hard: hugging you, kissing you, or even touching you that you can feel the vibes they are transmitting from afar. Sometimes I feel a tornado of passion coming at me and I don't know from which direction, but I feel it. Most of the time, you don't know where the energy is coming from at all. However, sometimes if someone is thinking about you, images of them will flash through your head and you will start thinking about them. That person over there, somewhere, won't know that they transported their thoughts to you and you won't know how they even popped into your mind to begin with. That's the mystery behind human nature. It's no coincidence when you think of someone you haven't talked to in a long time, then suddenly they call you or you run into them the next day.

The truth, we were all born with telepathic minds. The majority of us use less than 20% of our mind's true potential. If we used 40%, all of humanity could communicate telepathically in unison. We would no longer need cell phones. If we used 60%, we could all live to be 200. Believe it. If we used our minds to their fullest capacity, there would be peace amongst brothers. An elevated world would reside on a protected earth. With all the static thrown at us on the daily, twisted realities, false perceptions on TV, and so many distractions building upon the mental traffic already in our brains trying to survive, you can't blame the common man for not being able to see the simplicity in Truth. Our hearts give us life, but it is our minds that drive our bodies, translate messages from the soul, and are capable of pushing us to do the unthinkable. Your mind can cure or kill you. Your mind is capable of creating peace in the world and within yourself. Your mind can transport you to go anywhere you want to go and can drive you to achieve anything your soul desires. Sadly, fear is instilled in us everyday. Our schools limit the levels we were created to achieve and our world needs scientific validations to find reason rather than spiritual truth. We limit ourselves because we allow it. Our systems limit us because they know they can control and manipulate our minds. Mind control -– welcome to the New World Order.

Your heart, soul, and mind are all interlinked and a healthy body cannot function with one missing from the mix. Evil is the only body of mass that can function on mind alone. Preserve your mind. Preserve your soul. Preserve your heart. If you lose your mind, your soul will guide you. Preserve your soul, if it is weak, then keep your mind sound for it can still illuminate your heart. Preserve your heart, for without it you would have no pulse to charge your mind and your soul will be forced to escape your body. Your ultimate reason for existence is to expand the limit put on your mind. Feed it and nurture it and never think of aging unless you really want to get older. For whenever you do, you will. Your soul listens to your mind and if you hide age from your soul, you will never get old. Turn off the poisons that surround you and venture into the world of self-healing and infinite knowledge.

First, know that nothing is impossible and to always listen to your own heart, mind, and soul.
By Suzanne M. Kassem