Child of Aten

suzy kassem


Where oh where is my Akhenaten?
For 33 years, I’ve been searching around the world,
Year after year,
Face after face,
Probing through the eyes of every stranger,
Every acquaintance
And every man I have ever known.

I will never settle or
Ever know true happiness
Until I have found
The Yang to my Yin

-= My Sun King =-

We once were one
In a vision of white
And rays of sunlight
Poured from our minds,
-= Souls =-
Eyes and hearts.
But then fate took you away from me
Back on the silver boat
Returning you to the brightest
Of all the stars.

Meet me and complete me.
My one and only
-= True =-
And eternal love.
Feel the heat in me
In solar synergy
My pure
And tender
-= Dove =-

=Blue Panther=
"FOR THE LOVE OF THE SUN" by Suzy Kassem
Copyright 2008. All Rights Reserved.